Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

We combine the skills and experience of our clients' staff with our resources into one effective team to extend the team's base of knowledge and provide better access to specialized technical capabilities without incurring the expense of redundant resources. By separating the governance of the service functions, we help to alleviate the problem of skills shortages that many of our clients experience. This service is thus structured to improve reliability, availability and scalability of asset management.

Collaborative Service

Agulhas uses a scalable Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution that provides a foundation for informed decision-making in regard to facilities and Infrastructure Asset Management, multi-year capital budgeting, capital project planning and functional adequacy.

Our software solution help our clients to maximize the money spent on procuring, maintaining and managing capital assets. Through the use of our software, our clients can:

  • Meet government regulations
  • Achieve total control over their maintenance operations
  • Optimize assets
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Maximize return on investment

Specialized Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

As part of our service, we also specializes on the following aspects of asset management:

Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning is devising a process for doing, making or arranging maintenance work. It involves preparing job plans and other resources to enable the craftsperson to perform the work quicker and more efficiently. It often deals with the "what" and "how".

Work Management

Work orders are generated and transmitted electronically to the appointed (contracted) workforce, stating when the work has to start and showing a "reasonable" time in which to complete the job.

Procurement Management

Our Procurement Management service includes the contract management and change control processes required to administer contracts or purchase orders.

Materials Management

The purpose of this practice area is to refine the maintenance stores and acquisition process to streamline parts appropriation. It is focused on the right parts in the right place at the right time.

Maintenance Optimization

Making informed decisions regarding Equipment Maintenance Strategies and Equipment Design modifications, we record information about:

Data Management

Data management involves the processes and systems to manage your metering and customer information. It is the consolidation of information in a way that is easy to manage, retrieve and maintain.