Agulhas is a major role-player in the Utilities Industry that offer its clients a unique 'one-stop' Utility Management service, engaging in various phases of the energy business, rendering the needed products and services to stitch the primary and secondary function of the utility enterprises together to earn optimum long-term profits.


To improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate by making sure that Utility Management Services is done to World-Class Standards.


To be recognized and respected as the supplier of choice in terms of Utility Management Services as we keep laying the foundation for growing successful business partnerships in realizing our eternal dream.


Our vision shall be achieved through dedicated adherence to the following values:


Quality Workforce

Our greatest asset is our employees. To sustain our growth we will identify and attract high-quality employees. Additionally, we will maintain our competitive edge by investing in their education as well as technical and professional training. This allows us to continually improve the services we offer our customers, and ensure that we maintain a reserve capacity of technical and management skills to meet our strategic objectives. Finally, we will retain our high quality employees by providing opportunities for personal growth as well as a competitive compensation package.


Leaders at all levels are a critical part of our plan to meet the strategic objectives. Our leaders must feel a personal ownership towards our objectives and that they are accountable for achieving them. Agulhas leaders must proactively motivate and empower our employees to accomplish the objectives by setting appropriate expectations and communicating effectively. Our leaders must "lead by example" through their commitment and integrity.


The Agulhas culture must be characterized by an environment where people feel they make a difference toward achieving our objectives and are motivated to do so. We will provide a climate that empowers innovation and productivity, and results in increased career satisfaction. We will foster an environment where employees hold themselves to high standards of loyalty, integrity and performance. In order to accomplish this, employees will be well represented through diversity, opportunity, open communications and social interaction.


Annual Revenues

Growth must always be a catalyst for positive change. It is good for customers because it allows the company to expand the number and sophistication of our service offerings. It is good for employees because it increases our personal and professional opportunities and enhances the benefits we can offer. Growth comes organically from expanding our service offerings to existing customers and by developing new client relationships. Growth can also be achieved externally through the acquisition of firms that complement our capabilities, broaden our client base, share our values and increase shareholder value.

Shareholder Value

Increasing shareholder value is an important part of our growth plan since this directly benefits employees participating in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Since the ESOP would an Agulhas Utilities Corporation (Proprietary) Limited important part of our long-term retirement benefits, increased shareholder value provides us with the confidence that the ESOP will be of substantial value.

Improve Services

Our services would continue to evolve as our marketplace changes, as technologies and methods for delivering services advance and as we align internal resources to coordinate improvements to these services. In order to be an industry leader and provide customers with high quality solutions, we must constantly search for ways to improve our products and services. For each of our service offerings, we will review current industry best practices and standards and implement the ones which enhance our value to customers.


Effective Communications

One of the biggest challenges we face as we grow is communicating effectively, both vertically through a supervisory chain and horizontally between projects and organizations. We will continuously reinforce our cultural objectives to ensure people feel represented and motivated to provide feedback in the communications process. Effective communication enables employees to achieve goals and broadens their knowledge of the company, thus increasing the potential contribution to all objectives. Informal and formal mechanisms will be implemented and reinforced to ensure the right information is provided to the right people at the right time.

Customer-Focused Processes

Agulhas employees being supported by internal organizations are 'customers' and should be viewed as such. Internal organizations will implement processes that provide a standard foundation for business operations and the flexibility to support our strategic objectives.


Customer Satisfaction

We have and will always pride ourselves as a company that delivers superior service and is more responsive, more flexible and simply cares more than the next service provider. From a customer service perspective, this quality is what differentiates us from other service providers. We exceed customer expectations through proactive solutions and a demonstrated understanding of customer needs.

Lasting Relationships

An important element to accomplish all of our strategic objectives, we could be partnering with companies that complement our services and clients, as well as share our value system. Relationships with industry partners keep us attuned to market opportunities, trends and threats. These relationships provide us with measures to help us look at ourselves more objectively and make Agulhas more competitive in the eyes of our stakeholders, including customers, partners and employees.

Recognition and Visibility

Being recognized as a premier provider of Utility Management Solutions and Professional Services to the Utility Companies and Municipalities provides both tangible and intangible benefits. We will deliver a consistent message that emphasizes our value. Our visibility facilitates growth into new customer segments, in some cases opening doors to those customers. This visibility more often simply provides the customer with the assurance of our long, proven history. Making Agulhas a more visible member of the community also provides employees something to identify with and be proud of in their own communities.

Keys to Success

Strategic Imperatives

In order to achieve its mission, Agulhas has made a set of clear and distinctive strategic choices. These choices translate into key strategic imperatives that Agulhas is pursuing to gain leadership in Utility Management Services.

Keeping a Promise

For Agulhas to realize a long-term benefit, our personnel have to adopt an attitude that, when a claim is made, it must be presented by proof.

Value Focus

Agulhas will focus on all three categories of clients, providing full featured, scalable and reliable products and service at competitive prices.

Value Creation

In everything we do, we have to ensure that value is created for the clients to increase their own profit potential.

Centre of Excellence

Agulhas will deliver an excellent service that provides significant cost benefits over the initiatives of utility enterprises trying to do it themselves.

Quality Service

Everything we do have to be focused on the clients' true needs. Long-term customer satisfaction is critical to our survival.

Company Commitment

Satisfy the needs of clients by honoring undertakings.
Provide a service of excellence and finesse.
Employ hard working and skilful staff with the flair to develop and grow with the business.
Create and maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment.
Set a high value on creativity and hard work.
Establish and maintain a distribution network with first class after sales service.
Generate enough profit to provide a fair return for our investors and to finance continued growth, development of our product range and quality of service.
Stay informed of the latest local and international developments in the field of utility management.