Founded by executives, managers, engineers and technicians with technological background, Agulhas offer a Utility Management Consulting Service, which primarily focus on operating and maintenance needs.


Agulhas is a major role-player in the Utilities Industry that offer its clients a unique 'one-stop' Utility Management service, engaging in various phases of the energy business, rendering the needed products and services to stitch the primary and secondary function of the utility enterprises together to earn optimum long-term profits.

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Agulhas offer companies that need to improve their efficiencies and competitiveness to do that by partnering with then to outsources several of their back office type functions. As an alternative, Agulhas would take over those functions on a concessionary basis or would go as far as to privatisation those supplementary utility functions. Asset & Work Management could be among those functions while Knowledge and Customer Relationship Management could be potential concessionary or privatised functions.