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Tangible Asset Management

How much do you know about Tangible Asset Management?

Newsletter – July 5 2016

What is the purpose of a tangible asset management strategy? It is to establish an Action Plan that can be pursued over the next decade or so in order to address the necessities associated with Infrastructure Management and Plant Maintenance.

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Newsletter – May 6 2016

When funding is limited or being limited by some other factors, the list of postponed repairs and maintenance can become very long very fast.

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Backlog Maintenance Management

Do you understand how to minimize the volume of deferred maintenance?

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Tangible Assets’ Verification

Have you recently done an Asset Identification or Asset Verification to ensure that your organization is compliant as regards the various acts? This has to be done thoroughly to ensure that each and every asset is identified and verified in terms of the requirements of the applicable acts.

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Asset Register Management

Do you have an accurate Fixed Asset Register? This is an extremely important question for several reasons but probably the most important reason from a legal point of view is that having a Fixed Asset Register (FAR) is a statutory requirement of the Companies Act and one of the areas external auditors MUST and DO focus on.

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Consequences of Inferior Tangible Management

A list of deferred maintenance projects and its accompanying financial analysis would not be enough information to make a case for funding. It is important to prioritize deferred maintenance projects.

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Importance of Managing Tangible Assets Appropriately

Asset Management is a systematic, strategic and complete approach to maintaining, upgrading and operating physical assets, such as electrical infrastructure, roadways, traffic control structures, bridges, water treatment plant.

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